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TROPIKA ​is unique

  • EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE: Over 20 years of printing industry experience.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Exceeding the most demanding requirements.

  • POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Working with enthusiasm, ready to take on challenging orders.

  • CONSULTATION: Direct conversation in Vietnamese and English.

  • LOCATION: Offices and printing facilities are conveniently positioned in the city center. 

TROPIKA specializes in providing expert advice and manufacturing high-quality printing products.

When you using printing services, you frequently make decisions to place an order without really seeing the finished products. Once a contract is signed, a manufacturing procedure begins to bring the design concept to reality. 


In a lot of cases, the finished product falls short of expectations. Predictions and actual results frequently diverge, sometimes significantly.


TROPIKA is committed to assisting you in closing this gap.


To begin, we concentrate on discussions and consultations to fully grasp your requirements. We use visual tools to help you imagine the result clearly and specifically, allowing you to set realistic expectations.


We create an optimal plan and begin the printing production process based on these requirements. We monitor every detail to ensure that you receive the product as promised. We update you on developments on a frequent basis and allow you to inspect and approve at critical phases of the manufacturing process.


You may confidently engage with us once you have a clear vision of the product, an understanding of the production process, and assurances of quality and progress.


TROPIKA takes pride in its considerable expertise and proficiency in printing, with over 20 years of experience, and is ready to assist you with projects requiring rigorous quality criteria.

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